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Each module is a stand alone course, it may be taken in any sequence and you register one module at the time.

Our Pay As You Go Policy  ~  allows students to pay for only the registered course. 
This gives the student the flexibility to complete their own training at their own pace and at the same time making the tuition manageable and affordable. 

As soon we receive your enrolment form with payment, your textbook and DVD will be mailed to you and an admission officer will contact you to verify that you did receive your materials. 



Textbooks and              DVDs $275.00 for                   each module 

Three days of Practical Hands-on Residency Training + Plus materials for each module

1a.   Nail 

        Technology $625.00

1b.Manicure & pedicure $675.00
     Sculpture Nails 

2a.   Make up

        Artistry $625.00

2b.Basic Make up $675.00
     Corrective make up 

3a.  Basic Facial     

       Massage $625.00

3b.Facial Massage $675.00

4a. Facial Electro -

      Therapy $625.00

4b.Facial Treatments $675.00
     Electro Therapy 

                                                                     * All tuition are subject to change without notice *




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