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A leader in the field of Esthetics for over 35 years: Director of Education in Esthetics, Body Therapy & Electrologist, CIDESCO and BC Beauty Council examiner and coordinator and former Instructor at Dominelli College in Vancouver, Canada, Maria Pillon is dedicated to the development the finest Online Training. She is committed in helping students work towards achieving their professional goals through theory and practical instruction as well personal attention, support and assistance. Preparing students with the skills and confidence needed to succeed in an increasingly competitive profession. 

Seriously consider the unique benefits that instruction through Aglaia Esthetics Distance Learning has to offer you through innovative and progressivetraining.

Some of Aglaia Graduates Testimonials. A sincere thanks to those who have taken the time to write a testimonial. 

I graduated from the Aglaia Esthetics online program in November 2010.  Learning through Aglaia gave me the flexibility to be able to do the daily things I needed to do and get my education at the same time.  I was able to work and raise my children while taking the program.  Although it was a lot of hard work going to Aglaia was a very good experience.  I am so happy to now be an esthetician and learning at Aglaia was a lot of fun.  Maria is a fabulous teacher, very knowledgeable with excellent skills and a lot of funny stories to tell.  I would recommend Aglaia Esthetics online program to anyone who wants a rewarding career in esthetics.

                                                                                                                  Wendy Walker - Courtney, BC 2010

Aglaia Esthetics learning online has given me so much knowledge + tools in order to be successful in this industry. Maria has gone above and beyond to make sure I succeeded - being very supportive and understanding made my experience wonderful. I appreciate absolutely everything and will forever be grateful for that !

​                                                                 Crystal Jean - Thunder Bay, ON - Canada 2015

I enjoyed my program at Aglaia Esthetics. It was a very interesting year of learning. My Practical in Vancouver was great. Since returning home I have opened my spa and I am leaving my dream! Thank you Maria for making my learning experience enjoyable.

                                                                                Linda Duffy - PEI,  Canada -June 17. 2012

Your success depends on the training you receive and whom you study under !

Great program. Maria was very encouraging and always responded to any questions quickly. The videos were a great help. The course quizzes and tests were easy to follow. I will definitely tell anyone interested in esthetics about this program. Maria was wonderful to work with. ​ 


​                                                                                      Veronica Ramos  -  Duluth, MN - USA  2016​​

student testimonials

​​​As a former student, I would like to say that Aglaia Esthetics program is great.  I did the facials, waxing, manicure/pedicure, nail extensions and makeup applications courses. I'm a mature student, and was worried the course would be too fast paced for me, but my instructor explained everything so well and was really patient. 
The smaller group made the day really enjoyable and meant we got plenty of help and attention. 

I was a bit anxious about my training. I was guided and supported throughout, trained to a very high standard, and I really enjoyed myself as well. I have had an excellent start to my new career, and I am planning to get more advanced courses in the future. It is excellent value for your money, and you feel really comfortable and relaxed. We did have to work hard, but I felt confident at the end of my training. I would recommend it for future students.   Thank you,  Aglaia.       


                                                                                                 Ella Gerassimova  - Bermuda - 2009

This course course was very well laid out. Maria is very skilled and knowledgeable as a teacher and has an outstanding personality. I highly recommend Aglaia Esthetics and advice future students to not hesitate, just do it because this is a terrific course and Maria is an outstanding teacher.

                                                                                                                             Lana Hull - Terrace, BC - 2015 

Maria is, first of all, a very kind person.  And secondly, she is a very knowledgeable and capable instructor.  She is also very encouraging, and supportive, but make no mistake, she does expect good work from you, as she does from herself.  I enjoyed the course material very much, even the parts that I was convinced I would not, and I really enjoyed my time with Maria.  I love the one-on-one training.  So much knowledge just packed in, and great practicum.  Maria is a Cidesco Diplomat, and throughout my years now of gathering knowledge in this field, I have tried to find the Cidesco Diplomats to train me.  The reason is simple…they know.  If you want to be spoon-fed, this is not the course for you.  But if you are a motivated person who wants to get the best training and are prepared to work at it, this course with Maria is excellent.  So thank you for everything Maria, and to your future students, you are choosing very well.

                               Cynthia Black - Nova Scotia, Canada 2016                                                                     

It was a great time spent with Aglaia Esthetics. Maria was very wonderful and helpful. Always present to clear my doubts and to lead me in the right path. Overall, very professional teacher. Thank you !!!

                                                                                                Huison Sanchez  - WA USA  Oct 24, 2017

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